5 Weight-Loss Tweaks That Actually Work

Ditch quick fixes and embrace the long game.

The effects won't last if you can't keep eating a specific manner. Instead of big changes with drastic outcomes, adopt tiny modifications to your food, exercise, stress

Ditch quick fixes and embrace the long game.

or sleep that you can maintain week after week, month after month, and year after year. Eat every 3-4 hours, walk 10,000 steps, and strength train two times a week. Half your plate should be veggies. 

Stop saying: "Screw it, I'll start over Monday."

Ever had an emotional eating binge on Friday night and said the weekend is wasted and you'll start over Monday? This self-sabotaging talk keeps individuals limiting and overeating.

Avoid the all-or-nothing mindset.

A "starting over Monday" perspective results from all-or-nothing thinking. On or off a diet, completing a program or not, monitoring food and being "good" or not tracking and eating anything you want. Lack of balance causes eating and emotional extremes.

Stop labeling foods "good" or "bad."

If you feel guilty about eating carbohydrates or sweets, you're perceiving meals as "good" or "bad," which prevents weight reduction. While certain meals are healthier than others, you don't have to give up any food category to lose weight. 

Remind yourself the scale is only one way to measure progress.

It's tempting to obsess over the scale's number, but it doesn't measure fat. Paul advises her customers, "Fat loss is late to the party." So keep going!

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