7 Zodiac Signs Who Always Overreact



The Arian sign is associated with those who are bold and impetuous. When confronted with difficulties or disputes, they may react with extreme feelings and behaviors.


Those with the Leo sun sign are typically attention whores. It's possible they'll go overboard if they feel their pride is being attacked or if they're not getting the credit they deserve.


The dual character of a Gemini makes them inquisitive and flexible, but also prone to overanalysis and hasty judgment. The slightest discrepancy or change in circumstances might set off a severe reaction.


People who fall under this sign have a high degree of emotional sensitivity and may struggle to control their feelings at times. Because of this, they could react too strongly to things that normally wouldn't bother them.



Because of their strong emotions, Scorpios may respond irrationally to events they view as threatening, especially if they have recently felt deceived.


The Sagittarius sign is associated with independence and a thirst for new experiences. It's not in their nature to be restrained, so they may react strongly when they are.


Pisces people are sensitive and empathic, which can lead to them overreacting to emotional circumstances or even taking on the feelings of others around them.

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