9 Funny Ways to Get Him to Propose

"The Unexpected Pet Proposal"Get a furry accomplice – a pet with a "Will You Marry Me?" tag. His laughter is the perfect setup for the proposal.

"Foodie Fantasy Proposal"Capture his heart through his stomach. Bake a cake with the magic words or hide a ring in his favorite dish.

"Movie Magic Proposal"Create a funny movie trailer starring you two. End with a "coming soon" hint – your engagement!

"Scavenger Hunt Shenanigans"Design a hilarious scavenger hunt leading to the grand reveal – you, down on one knee!

"Techy Twist Proposal"Hack his phone's wallpaper to display the proposal message. Tech glitches lead to love glitches!

"Comic Capers Proposal"Turn your story into a comic book. Watch his smile grow as he turns the pages to "Marry Me!"

"Karaoke Comedy Proposal"Pick a karaoke night. Sing a goofy love song, ending with the ultimate request – his hand in marriage.

"Board Game Bliss Proposal"Customize a board game with proposal milestones. He'll roll the dice and land on forever love!

"Skywriting Surprise Proposal"Make him look up! Write your proposal in the sky for a moment he'll never forget.

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