"Bad" Food for Weight Loss

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., a gastroenterologist and cookbook author, recently addressed a nutrition myth on Instagram.

"There's a common myth on the internet that you should stay away from fruits when you're trying to lose weight," Bulsiewicz captions his Instagram image. "What if I told you the opposite was true?"

Find out what Bulsiewicz thinks about fruit sugar and how he's fighting its reputation.

"I really don't understand why fruit is so controversial," Bulsiewicz began the video. "Some say fruit causes weight gain. Completely ludicrous."

Bulsiewicz then explains how fruit does not cause weight gain, and evidence supports this.

"We have strong data from randomized controlled studies that increasing fruit consumption does not cause weight gain. 

Weight loss occurs in certain circumstances." A 2020 National Library of Medicine research found that women who ate more fruits and vegetables lost weight.

Fruit is high in fiber and low in calories, so Dr. B is right that adding it to your diet will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. 

Due to their nutritious worth, natural sugar in fruit is different from added sugar in ultra-processed foods. Due to its fiber content, fruit can benefit digestive, heart, and cancer health.

I advise run toward fruit than of away from it. It's terrific, and there are many great options like this lovely fruit "He held up the peach. Yes, we agree!

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