Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

 Lift Weights

Resistance band, dumbell, and/or body weight strength exercise can boost muscle growth and metabolism for healthy weight control. An assessment of 149 papers and 12 systematic analyses in Obesity analyses reveals weight training and aerobic exercise can reduce visceral fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Try Mediterranean Diet

A 2020 Nutrients research reveals the Mediterranean diet can help menopausal women shed weight and preserve muscle mass like younger women independent of physical activity.

Add More Protein to Your Plate

Lyons recommends eating additional lean protein like chicken breast and fish or taking a protein smoothie. Research shows that a high-protein diet can lower body weight by reducing fat mass and retaining fat-free mass.

Stick to Carbs

Schmidt recommends eating beans, sweet potatoes, and brown grains after protein and veggies. Eating carbs later in meals can help regulate the insulin rise that follows them, making one feel full sooner and reducing cravings that lead to overeating.


A 10-minute walk after supper can improve digestion and regulate the insulin rise, boosting fullness. Nightly walks provide cardiovascular activity and help establish the calorie deficit needed for weight reduction.

Get Good Sleep

When someone can't fall asleep, Lyons suggests magnesium glycinate or magnesium L-threonate pills from a doctor. A 2021 International Journal of Obesity study revealed that overweight and obese persons with improved sleep health lost more weight and fat.

Look Beyond Scale

Despite providing some health data, the scale doesn't provide the whole story. Location matters for body fat accumulation, and assessing the waist-to-hip ratio can assist assess weight-related health concerns. 

 Habit Journal

Schmidt advocates journaling everyday living behaviors. “I like it when clients do some form of self-monitoring, be it calorie, hydration, or sleep,” she adds. Documenting everyday health practices helps people stick to weight loss plans.

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