How to sleep well by zodiac sign


Mars, the jock planet of drive and passion, controls Aries, sex, sports, and competition. Aries must feel like they've won, whether it's an orgasm, a street race, or a max bench press, to sleep well.


Taurus is the zodiac sign most likely to strip or streak in public. Venus, the planet of pleasure, rules Taurus. Thus, bull sleep tactics should be multisensory.


They use screens excessively and fall into late-night rabbit holes because they are interested and restless. Twins may fight this sleep thief by turning off their electronics before bed, storing them in a different room, and buying an old school alarm clock.


Cancers are moon-ruled and sensitive to its phases, which affects their sleep. They stay up late calculating their disappointments, following an ex's social media, and thinking their loved ones in danger.


By choice and expectation, Leos are party animals and connectors, which can lead to social jet lag and poor sleep quality. Rich in romance, Leos obsess about past, present, and possible lovers, raising their pulse rates and reducing REM sleep.


Virgos often lose sleep compiling lists, remembering social mistakes, and thinking about non-toxic mouth ulcer treatments. Virgos benefit from sleep hypnosis and herbal rest cures like Passion Flower and Magnolia Bark since they are often in their heads.


Libras are sensitive to aesthetics and obsessed with others' views. Late nights texting their side piece, shopping for mid-century furniture and vintage door knobs, and party planning can lead to sleep deprivation and decreased productivity.


Scorpios stay up late watching true crime and envisioning their adversaries' plans, stealing sleep. A reliable security system, blackout curtains, and a bedtime protection spell heal this.


Sagittarius lives vigorously from sun up to sun down and frequently into the next sun up. They typically stay up late to talk, flirt, and explore the nightlife because to their thirst for information, love of discussion, and FOMO.


Capricorns sacrifice their sleep pattern due to unbridled ambition, caffeine's late-night influence, and a strategic intellect that won't rest until triumph, foes, and investments are secure.


Aquarians are outcasts who enjoy nightfall for their solitary inclinations and world-class craziness. Aquarians, the sign of progress, frequently think they can skip eight hours of unconscious thought.


Pisces often fall asleep in dangerous locations like the bathtub or with an unstable ex.Pisces people often fall asleep by escaping reality, such as in the bathtub, watching TV, during guided meditation, or with an unstable partner.

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