New study reveals drop sets can grow muscle in half the time. 

Drop sets reduce weight so you can keep exercising. Research reveals drop sets might speed up muscle and strength gains. Start with a reasonable weight, aim for three drops, and cut 20% each time. 

Drop sets test your muscles for faster improvements. A normal workout contains 10 exercises, two to four sets of 12 repetitions, and a few minutes of break. 

The Norwegian Nord University study revealed that these workouts did increase muscle mass, but drop sets worked just as well and took half the gym time. 

Adams says cumulative overload explains why drop sets work. To increase muscle and strength, you must stress and rest your muscles enough to break down and rebuild.

Dumbbell drop sets are called "running the rack," Adams added. To accomplish so, stand next to dumbbells and complete one set of your workout at your selected weight, then switch to a lighter set and continue until you reach the lowest weight. 

In a commercial gym, be respectful and do your sets near to the rack and return each pair of dumbbells to the rack so others may use them.  

Gym machines make drop sets and weight changes easy. By gradually alternating from heavier to lighter resistance bands, you may produce a drop set stimulation without weights. 

Finally, barbells are great for drop sets because you can "strip the bar" and remove weight plates off either side and repeat. Adams warns against doing big drop sets with high-skill exercises like Olympic lifts since tiredness can diminish efficacy and increase injury risk. 

Regardless of weight or exercise, strive for at least three weight decreases before finishing, dropping by 20% each time, he advised. Adams suggested doing drop sets alone or as a hard finisher to maximize gym time. 

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