10 Pink Makeup Looks to Try For Every Skin Tone

1. Pop of Color

Make your eyes the star of the show with a bubblegum-pink statement eye, à la Lily Collins.

2. Peachy Pink

Blending blush around your eyes is always a good idea.

3. Matte Monochrome

“I love a monochromatic pink moment using the same color on the lip and cheek," says makeup artist Jeanine Lobell.

4. Statement Lip

Make your lips (and skin) the center of attention.

5. Eye Art

Get inspired by Euphoria and do your very own take on the glittery and bedazzled makeup looks the show has unwittingly become known for.

6. Liquid Liner

Between the peachy shadow, glowy skin, and coral lips, the bright-pink liner on her lids is the perfect, unexpected color contrast.

7. Royal Blush

Make a major statement with bold, out-of-bounds blush.

8. Frosty and Glossy

We're loving Shay Mitchell's matching frosty disco pink lids and glossy lips here.

9. Inside the Line

If bold pink eyeshadow or monochrome makeup isn't your thing, try a subtler swipe of pink liquid eyeliner.

10. With a Red Lip

Whether we're talking about fashion or makeup, the color combination of "pink and red" is underrated. 

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