The #1 Best Workout for People With Type 2 Diabetes

Starting to exercise might be intimidating for beginners. Do not give up. Moving your body is really essential. Starting cautiously, in a gym or with a trainer, if feasible, for motivation and a safe workout plan, advises Dr. Patel.

Just a daily stroll or swim is better than nothing. Think of a pleasurable, accessible physical activity. Hip-hop dance class? You may phone a pal when walking at night? A swim aerobics class?

Aerobic resistance training, or HIIT, is Dr. Patel's favorite Type 2 diabetes workout. This workout incorporates many rounds of rapid cardio to raise heart rate.

Jumping jacks and high knees are aerobic, whereas push-ups and dumbbell lunges and squats require resistance. Some gyms offer cardio strength courses, which are similar to HIIT.

Dr. Patel believes aerobic resistance training are excellent for controlling Type 2 diabetes since they improve stamina and help with healthy weight reduction. Scientific research demonstrate aerobic resistance matters. 

Research demonstrates that HIIT training can improve glucose management and cardiovascular health in Type 2 diabetics. Type 2 diabetes is a substantial risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of mortality in the U.S.

But good news—a research in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research revealed that Type 2 diabetics who consistently completed HIIT workouts dropped weight and improved cardiovascular health.

Dr. Patel advises seeing your doctor before starting a new workout routine. They can help you start exercising safely by advising you on things to remember.

Repeating that moving your body in a way you love is most essential. HIIT and aerobic strength classes are unlikely to be entertaining if you don't like them. 

Consider what form of workout you'll enjoy and include it into your regimen. This will improve your Type 2 diabetes management and make a big impact.

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