The #1 Workout for Women To Lose Weight in 30 Days

This time-tested move has been used for decades because of its proven effectiveness in increasing cardiovascular fitness and metabolic rate. 

Jumping Jacks

In addition, this exercise is a full-body workout that targets the quads, glutes, deltoids, and lats.

Jumping Jacks

Glute bridges are an excellent workout for the back and core since they focus on the buttocks and thighs. Pull your lower ribs in toward your pelvis and tighten your abs in your mental image.

Glute Bridges

Burpees are a popular workout because of their total-body toning effects and high caloric expenditure. They focus on working your upper body, lower body, and core.


Jump squats are an intense variation of the standard squat that greatly improves lower-body strength and explosiveness. They get your heart rate up and work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Jump Squats

High-intensity jump lunges are great for developing your lower-body's strength, stability, and coordination. Your glutes, quads, and hamstrings will all get a good workout with this movement.

Jump Lunges

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