These Protein-Rich and Gut-Healthy Yogurts Have Dietitian Approval

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, Plain

Harris-Pincus like the non-fat yogurt's straightforward ingredients, ultra-smooth texture, and adaptability. It also has live, active cultures, which gives it a probiotic boost.

Organic Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, Plain

This full-fat option has no added sweeteners, six distinct strains of live active cultures, and 16 grams of protein per serving. Tasters praised its prominent qualities, particularly its creamy but airy texture.

BestSelf Lactose Free Greek Yogurt

Having stomach issues after drinking dairy? A lactose intolerance might be at blame. This lactose-free option is a delightful one that provides all the advantages of dairy yogurt without any of the pain (it is still 100% dairy,

BestSelf Lactose Free Greek Yogurt

it simply includes an additional enzyme to help those with lactose sensitivity digest milk sugars). There was no discernible difference between this product and Fage's ordinary 2% yogurt in our test kitchen.

Plain Icelandic Nonfat Yogurt

According to Harris-Pincus, Siggi's yogurts are a sort of Icelandic skyr that have undergone intense straining, producing a very thick, lower-carb dollop. If you're in the mood for something creamy, choose this one.

Organic Greek yogurt that is plain

The Kirkland brand yogurt from Costco is a dream come true if you find yourself consuming tub after tub of yogurt all the time. Harris-Pincus appreciates that it competes favorably with recognized brands while costing less per approximately 50 ounces in a tub.

2% Coconut Icelandic Yogurt

According to Harris-Pincus, of the yogurt brands with added sugar, these contain the least amount. According to Langer, it can be a touch sour for people who are used to really sweet yogurts, but it's a fantastic option for someone who wants flavored yogurt with less sugar.

Total 2% Cherry Split Cup Greek Yogurt

Langer prefers the Fage Total Split Cup Greek Yogurt for a tasty delight that keeps the sugar in check as opposed to opting for yogurts with fruit on the bottom that are heavy in sugar. Although we prefer the cherry flavor, you may also select from strawberry or peach if you choose.

Strawberry Low Sugar, Low Fat Greek Yogurt

Just 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar and stevia are added to each serving to make it sweeter. It has sweetness, but it's not syrupy sweet as many yogurts are, so Harris-Pincus believes this is an excellent option if you're trying to limit your carbohydrates and added sugars.

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