These teen weight loss methods work and boost self-esteem.

Hydration is crucial, and water is ideal. Soda, sports drinks, and fruit juices are high in empty calories. Water flushes toxins, promoting weight loss.

Drink water instead of sugary drinks.

You can't control what your teen eats at school or later, but giving lots of healthy snacks like cut-up fruits and veggies encourages good eating at home. 

Fill the house with healthful meals instead of banning them. 

Restaurant meals have more calories than home-cooked ones, even if they're not fast food. Even better, involve your teen in meal planning and preparation to make them feel involved. 

Share meals at home.

Children and teens respond better to positive, well-worded commands. Instead of instructing your teen to avoid fries, provide greens and hummus.

Positively frame options

Invite them on a walk instead of asking them to leave the couch. The same approach simplifies dietary choices. Instead than counting calories or eliminating food groups, add fruits, vegetables, fiber, and protein. 

Positively frame options

Find something they enjoy to make them more likely to do it often. Whether your teen likes socializing or spending time alone, there's an activity for them. 

Teens appreciate physical activity, so encourage it.

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests 60 minutes of daily physical activity for children and teens, not consecutive minutes.

Teens appreciate physical activity, so encourage it.

Screen time promotes mindless munching and sleep disruptions, so minimize it. Teens use their smartphones late at night, making sleep harder.

Screen usage and sleep should be limited.

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