This Drink Could Clean Your Gut and Improve Digestion

Lemon water for digestion

According to Postolowski, clearing your gut and enabling the "intricate balance of good and bad bacteria" to thrive is about creating a "restorative environment" through healthy practices.

This involves "hydrating and prepping the colon to properly rid the body of toxins." and eliminating gut-ruining foods. Hydrating drinks are hard to beat beyond water.

Plain water is essential for gut health since it aids digestion, nutrition absorption, and well-being "Richards lists. "Water softens and moves food through the digestive tract, preventing constipation."

She says H2O may break down food particles to improve nutrient absorption, keep your GI tract wet to prevent irritation and inflammation, and cleanse. "Water also flushes out toxins and waste products, promoting detoxification

A glass of warm lemon water (8 ounces and a spoonful of lemon juice) on an empty stomach in the morning hydrates and stimulates the digestive system without overloading it.

"In addition, increasing motility and priming the body for proper purging come with many other benefits such as favorable kidney functions and preventing cellular oxidation." Incredible!

Of course, many things affect gut health, so you may need to make additional food and lifestyle modifications to obtain optimal balance. However, Postolowski writes, "Embracing these small changes over time will contribute to bigger impacts on overall well-being."

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